Digital health data can be ‘super power’


Digital health data can be ‘super power’

Doctors and patients without electronic health records should feel like Superman around Kryptonite.

The goal of ubiquitous electronic medical records and digital health data isn’t to eliminate doctors or replace them with computers, the White House’s chief data scientist said Thursday, but rather to give patients and their physicians “super powers” to make better decisions about health care.

the nation’s first chief data scientist, suggested that a major reason health data hasn’t achieved the prevalence digital data have in other areas — like education or urban development — is because of the popular fallacies surrounding artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“We hear these provocative statements — ‘Oh yes, the computer is going to replace the doctor,’” he said sarcastically.

“It’s not about replacing people,” Consumer Health IT Summit about the power of data and why the availability of electronic health records tend to lag behind. “It’s augmenting. You should only be focused on how you make people smarter, faster, and more effective. How do you do that? You focus on building a super power.”

‘Oh my God. Did I back it up?’ What is that feeling? That feeling is what happens to a super hero when they lose their super power. That’s what happens. It’s Kryptonite. All data products, you must feel crippled [without them] if you have built the product the right way.”

“Sure we in some ways haven’t made the iPhone leap, but we’ve done more in a different way.”
“The iPhone had so many foundational pieces to build on top of, we really took a world from paper and made it go digital. And now we’re catching up and it’s really going to take each of us to do that.”

Source: Digital health data can be ‘super power’

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