Engage your Patient Online

Making Communication between providers and patient secure.

In support, if its commitment to patient wellness, JVS group launches a patient wellness initiative in August 2016. This initiative is dedicated to developing a new business unit SoftClinic Live that provide a suite of tools focused on making communication between  providers and patients secure, easy and convenient.

Patient engagement and Satisfaction

With SoftClinic Live Care, your patients have private and secure access to their own electronic Personal Health Record (PHR). Patients that have access to the SoftClinic Live Care mobile application tend to be more engaged in their own care, and the ability to easily ask questions and request medication refills online improves patient satisfaction.

As a health care provider, it is your responsibility to help your patients improve their overall health. You monitor the treatment you’re providing your patients and whether or not they are compatible with the medication that you prescribe. Softclinic Live will help you keep track of your patient’s health progress. It also allows patients to become more involved with their plan of care. Through the SoftClinic Live Care, patients can request prescriptions and ask you direct questions related to their health.

This is a great time-saver and enables providers to make the most out of each patient visit and personally interact with them. Our SoftClinic Live Care is also equipped with alerts and reminders that help boost your patients’ willingness to participate in the process. Our software not only benefits you, but it also benefits your patients, as well.